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A freshly brewed cup of Colectivo coffee is now available at BicycleWise. Get it to go or sit a spell in the seating area we've opened up for the winter months. If you like it fresh at home we also have packages available.

And if you want it crazy fresh at home, let us know. We can include your package of coffee in our weekly order. Just give us a call with what you'd like. You can then pick up your coffee that has been roasted just days before.

Changing Gears Exhibit

Wisconsin Historical Museum

The Shifting Gears exhibit, and John's bike, has moved to Appleton Wisconsin. It really is an intersting exhibit.

Around the Corner

Around the Corner with John McGivern released the Whitewater episode which includes a visit to BicycleWise. You can see the show online here.

Wisconsin Bike Builders

Wisconsin Trails covers frame building in Wisconsin this month. To learn a bit about John's philosophy and Sotherland Bikes you can read the story here.

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BicycleWise is happy to announce two newsletters for our customers.

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Wisconsin Built

BicycleWise has always been proud to be your locally-owned, Wisconsin bicycle shop.

This makes it exciting to announce that we now carry three world-class brands - all built right here in Wisconsin. Sotherland Custom bikes is our own premier brand built in Whitewater. In addition, we offer Gunnar semi- custom and Waterford custom bicycles from Waterford Precision Cycles located in Waterford Wisconsin.

Why we team with Giant

win with giant

Top Two Reasons to Ride

Creating the Top Ten Reasons to Ride was starting to feel like work so in order to save everyone the trouble, the staff at has narrowed it to two. If you are short on time, you can skip to the end of the list.

  • Riding is good for your health
  • Riding is great fun
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